One thing we learned from quarantine.... every girl needs a ponytail cap!

Ponytail caps hit the scene about three years ago and changed how we look at the ball cap! 

Bring on the quarantine of 2020 and it changed the necessity of a ponytail cap being a staple to a woman's wardrobe. 

Moms, teens, and women, in general, have rocked a ball cap for years!

In the past, you either straightened out your hat and wore it flat under the cap. You could make some cute braids to stick out from the sides. You could try and adjust a ponytail to fit correctly and stay in the back baseball cap hole. (Oh, did we mention the neat hat trick you had to do to get it to go through the hole.) 

With the introduction of the ponytail cap, which provided a high slit in the top of the cap to allow for hairstyles, the new possibilities are endless. 

Messy buns have also given way to a new style to feature with your ball cap. With these styles, you are able to pull off a casual yet controlled hairstyle. Add a ponytail cap, along with a messy bun and now you are really styling! 

In the Spring of 2020, the new criss-cross style hit the scenes, which bumped up the game. The new crossed elastic bands in the back provided a level of height adjustment, which for girls with thick hair or flat hair, was something lacking in the past. Don't want the pile on top of your head, go further down the cap! 

For the Fall of 2020, an even newer feature was added to the cap, with the addition of buttons on the side to accommodate face mask. This allowed for you to loop your mask onto the cap directly and not have to worry about the terrible ear pull. 

Not needing a mask, no problem, the button is discreet enough you can go back to rocking the criss-cross look, mask free! 

Regardless of your age, hair length, or style, a ponytail cap is something you need in your wardrobe! There are now several styles and colors to choose from, so you are no longer limited to your choice and can add several to your closet!

Check out our large selection on and you will soon wonder how you ever made it without one!